This is the story of MAN – of our isolated societies, of uniting, FRAMED through the eyes of veterans with PTSD suffering trauma, missing their brotherhood as they re-enter an alienating, traumatic society.
Our extraordinary characters:  The Brit: Stuart (ex-Royal Marine) whose aim is to row the Atlantic. The American: Ryan (ex-Royal Marine) who founded and heads up VETPAW, where veterans are empowered to protect African Wildlife from poachers. Amazing story of the VETPAW brotherhood with veterans using the skills the government trained them for but does not use them for after leaving the forces. Our anthropologist and PTSD short term sufferer: Sebastian Junger. Our photographer, Lalage Snow who has documented portraits of soldiers before, during and after war, so we see the physical changes which re-emphasize the mental impacts of PTSD.
We are telling a very big story of TRAUMA AND LIFE that almost every individual on the planet will now feel they are ‘’part of’’ as we learn to live with Covid. 
Living in a war zone is very different from living through a pandemic, but parallels are there in the loss of freedom and the sense of danger.



Written By


Kate Blewett