When Radleys' teenage daughter Clara gets attacked, she and her brother Rowan discover why they can't sleep, can't eat garlic without asphyxiating and have a constant need for Factor 50.

The Radleys are an ordinary English family, or at least that’s what the neighbours think. Tidy homes, garden parties, respectable jobs, book clubs – no one would suspect that behind all of this, the Radleys hold a dark secret… they are vampires.

Only parents Helen and Peter know about the family’s true nature. They are ‘abstainers’, vampires who choose not to drink blood despite their natural cravings. Their teenagers, vegan Clara and lovesick Rowan, have no idea, until one evening Clara is attacked by a boy in her class and her bloodthirsty instincts take over, forcing her parents to finally reveal the truth. As if being a teenager wasn’t hard enough already!

With this revelation, Rowan questions his own identity. The temptation to try his first taste of blood only grows stronger with the arrival of uncle Will, Peter’s twin brother and practicing vampire, who pulls back the curtain on his vampiric life of hedonism and freedom. Will is all swagger and sex appeal, and his presence throws the whole family off their axis, unleashing suppressed desires for parents and teens alike.

Wickedly funny and scarily relatable, The Radleys shows us all there’s a path to finding our true, authentic selves, if you’re willing to take a bite out of life…


Comedy, Drama

Written By

Talitha Stevenson, Developed by Jo Brand


Euros Lyn


Damian Lewis
Kelly Macdonald
Sophia Di Martino
Shaun Parkes
Bo Bragason
Harry Baxendale